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Pool with the electric powered cover closed

Pool with the electric powered cover closed

Most of our guests come to Ripertoli with their family, often 3 generations, and so we try to cater for the needs of small and larger children.

Ripertoli is unusual in having an electric pool cover which is totally child safe – once closed you can jump on it though we would rather that you didn’t!   No child could fall in.

100We have 2 cots – a large wooden one and a collapsible smaller travel cot, both with mattresses bought new in 2017. We also have a child alarm which works from most of the bedrooms in the main house to the back terrace or loggia, but you will have to experiment if the baby is in one of the capanne. The distances are not very far but the walls are very thick.

We have a modern version of a high chair which attaches to the table and can be moved from place to place and taken to restaurants – though Italy being child friendly, such a thing will be provided in most restaurants. We also have a smart free standing high chair which is light and easy to use, new in 2017.

99There is an excellent shop in Greve which has everything you could want for babies but it is hidden in the basement of the pharmacy at the traffic lights in the centre of Greve. You have to ask the staff to be taken down there, but once there you really will be able to find everything you need.

Babysitting can be arranged via Marisa and her family. However, children are so welcome in Italian restaurants that there is not much demand for it.

gamesroomFor the slightly older, and in case of bad weather, we have board games stored in the kitchen, and a table tennis table in the Aia capanna. We also have Bluetooth music players in each house plus smart TVs installed in 2021. We don’t have a stock of children’s DVDs, the ones we have being more for adult tastes, but many people will bring their child’s favourite DVDs with them. The salotto has a large-screen TV which is often used as a communal TV/DVD room for children.

Older (teenage) children value the privacy of living in the capanne without immediate parental guidance. Our experience is that they have their own timetable, musical tastes and life style and it suits us very well to leave them to get on with it.

If there are any questions you need answered before you leave home about the provision we make for children please phone or email us – we are always happy to advise.

Ianto and Elaine, July 2023
Our words can\'t really do justice to Ripertoli. It is unimaginably lovely and special. The entire week was a joyful and wonderful experience for us. It really was the holiday of a lifetime in what we can only describe as a Paradise.
Michael and Deborah, Florida USA, August 2021
Dinners outside were a treat each night, with Marisa\'s local dishes. This is an excellent vacation villa for a multi generational family vacation.
Chiara del Guasta, Florence native, August 2020
Despite us being natives of Florence, Ripertoli was a marvellous discovery which guaranteed days of complete relaxation
geese14, Pell City, Alabama, USA, June 2015
The view is stunning. We were actually reluctant to leave on our pre-planned visits to Rome and Venice and delighted to come home to the tranquillity of the loggia.
Neighbour J, Hamilton, Canada, Sept 2015
Everything about Ripertoli is welcoming and relaxing. It is everything you would expect a Tuscan villa to be and more
sreitz2015, Omaha, Nebraska, USA, May 2015
The perfect vacation home for the week. The photos of Ripertoli are great but they can’t do the property justice
MJCollins, Greenville, South Carolina, USA, July 2014
A perfect vacation of a lifetime. 3 generations – 17 in all and everything worked at Ripertoli.
Marie V, Aesch, Switzerland, April 2014
From the moment we drove in Ripertoli exceeded our expectations. A wonderful secluded location with beautiful vistas. Rustic charm with all the modern conveniences. A home and not your typical rental property.
Josephine Gray, Hertfordshire UK, April 2017
No write up, review or photograph could have prepared us or do justice to the beauty and tranquillity of Ripertoli - we all absolutely loved it!
Ripertoli was perfect and served our mixed group of family / friends reunion from USA, Australia, and UK far better than any of us could ever have imagined”
Roger & Lesley, Berkshire UK, June/July 2017
We had a delightful 2 weeks with family (3 generations) and friends at Ripertoli to celebrate our significant birthdays. The views from the terrace are to die for – it is a really special place.
Susan Jane & Nick Sutton, Wyoming, June 2017
To put it all into one word – the trip was simply “perfect” in every way. We loved Ripertoli, we loved that is retains its ancient feel and the property is simply wonderful.