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Aerial pictures of Ripertoli have been taken over the years from a plane, and more recently (June 2019) from a very tall extension mast with a camera on top.  Here are 4 recent ones ( they occasionally show some distortion because of the fish-eye lens used) :

Aerial view from the east (with one of Nigel & Deborah’s dogs) June 2019

The main house is furthest away, with the Tower just left of centre. The Middle Capanna is nearest, the Aia Capanna roof is just visible to the left,  and the pool is concealed from view by the Tower.

This next view is from the front, showing the approach drive, the pool to the left and the Aia (the old threshing floor) and Aia Capanna to the right.

Aerial view from the south taken June 2019

Here’s another view from the rear of the houses.

Aerial view of the Terrace.

Here’s one giving a good idea of the heart of the estate and the unusual amount of garden and grounds available to our guests.  The pool is not curved of course – the apparent curvature is caused by the camera lens.    But the spectacular panorama of the opposite hillside and beyond is genuine !

Aerial view from the front with the pool

Here are two older (2008) pictures showing more of the beautiful surrounding countryside.  One of the things that makes Ripertoli special is its seclusion;  no roads are visible, and the nearest neighbour is a good half mile away. Even in beautiful Tuscany there are few properties which enjoy such privacy.


Taken from north of the house, from bottom to top this shows the steep hillside with its terraced olive groves, the back of the house with the two cottages above it and to its left, the pool with its winter cover to the right, and above that the access track running through the vineyard in the upper right quadrant. The hills at the top and to the left are in the direction of Panzano, i.e. south. Count the neighbours – none !

Taken from the west with the steep hillside behind the house to the left. There is a neighbour – a farm called Le Gialle, on the opposite side of the valley, and in the top left is the next farm (Colognole) in the chain of signalling towers. Our photo-voltaic panels are not visible from the house; their rear is covered with climbers so they look attractive from the pool.



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